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Sonia Ledo is Proudly Endorsed by...




Martinez Police Officers' Association
Concord Police Association
BART Police Officers' Association
California Republican Party
Contra Costa Republican Party

Public Leaders

Sonia, you have proven you are a viable candidate for the residents of District 15.

— Dan Romero
Mayor of Hercules
Character matters. That’s why I am supporting Sonia!

— Tim Farley
Martinez City Councilmember (ret)
As a Combat Green Beret Vietnam Vet and former Mayor of Clayton, I wish you all the best and encourage all my friends and associates to endorse and contribute to your campaign. Best Wishes, Pete — Pete Laurence
Mayor of Clayton (ret)
Bill Baker
US Congressman, 10th District (ret)
Lynne Leach
CA State Assemblymember District 15 (ret)
Gus Kramer
Contra Costa County Assessor
Robert Campbell
Contra Costa Auditor-Controller
Debora Allen
Board Director, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit
Jason Clark
Bay Area Regional Vice Chair of CA Republican Party
Matt Rinn
Mayor of Pleasant Hill
Karen Stepper
Mayor of Danville
Shannon Shaw
Vice Mayor of Oakley
Jack Weir
Pleasant Hill Councilmember (ret); Co-Founder CA Assoc. Bond Oversight Committees
Merle Hall
Mayor of Walnut Creek (ret)
Ron Leone
Mayor of Concord (ret)
Chuck Escover
Mayor of Pleasant Hill (ret)

The Community

Please vote for Sonia Ledo. She is an amazing person who cares for the people and her community. I have had the honor of working with her closely and strongly endorse her. — Mr. Shaker Sayar
Pittsburg Resident
I have worked with Sonia for years and have found her to be a very knowledgeable, ethical Realtor beyond reproach. As a member of the 100 Club of Contra Costa that supports fallen peace officers and firefighters, I know she will be a strong advocate for law enforcement and prosecution of criminal activity. Sonia will go to Sacramento and represent all Californians for sane and fiscally responsible voting on proposed bills.  
— Christos Moulis
Realtor Emeritus
We need Sonia’s representation in the State Assembly for the issues she stands for -- law and order, housing, education, and health, which are all critical issues of concern to Californians who see the state’s decline despite the rise in costs. Having worked alongside Sonia in real estate, I’ve seen her competence, experience and knowledge to successfully get any job done and I'm sure she can represent us in this way also!

— Holly Henkel
Common sense and fairness. Sonia Ledo will be a great and much needed representative of our community interests. — Harry Luan
President, Concord Recycling Center
Proudly Endorse hard working HONEST California loving, Sonia Ledo!

— Randy Hopkins
I'm endorsing Sonia Ledo for her ethics. Let's elect someone who is not corrupt and who will make a difference.

— Michelle Bedard
Marketing Owner
Sonia is a fierce advocate for mental health, education, and folks with disabilities. She is a leader with compassion, empathy, and the drive it takes to make actual change. California needs Sonia Ledo!

— Danielle Heitman
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Business Owner, Member and Ally of LGBTQIA Community

I believe Sonia Ledo is the best representative for this position, and the most qualified, fair and honest.

— Anne (Renanne) Mobley
Retired Small Business Owner
Sonia is by far one of the most driven and practical people I have the privilege to know. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to be an effective advocate for the community and her willingness to listen to the challenges and difficulties facing EVERYONE at the table brings a sense of inclusion and advocacy for the people involved that is necessary in government today. As a business owner and a father I wholeheartedly believe Sonia is the person needed and qualified to bring common sense and the practical approach back to the forefront of California.

— Shane Letts
Business Owner
Sonia is a level headed person that the State of California needs desperately. I fully endorse her!

— Ryan Taylor
Mortgage Broker
Sonia is a life long friend. We grew up in San Francisco together. She has always been a person of integrity, hard working and compassionate for what she believes in. I highly endorse my dear friend, the State would be lucky to have such an amazing intelligent leader.

— Andrew Tringali
Business Management
I'm happy to endorse Sonia Ledo. I agree with her on the issues of criminal justice and education. I believe she has the right ideas to help make California a better place to live. — Bruce Peisson
Senior Accountant
Sonia is an environmentalist and interested in conserving open spaces while providing places for families to hike and see nature up close. She is all about family and has provided home ownership opportunities for years. That is my job in Hawaii, working for the State and we need more people like Sonia in office in California.

— Michael Ferreira
Adminstrator, State of Hawaii
Having had the opportunity to work closely with Sonia Ledo as a Realtor on multiple transactions, I have witnessed firsthand her unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Her dedication to serving her clients with integrity and competence reflects her strong work ethic and deep understanding of the real estate market. Sonia's advocacy for homeownership and her support for initiatives that promote access to affordable housing align closely with my values as a home mortgage lender. Sonia is also deeply engaged in our community and demonstrates a genuine concern for the needs and concerns of constituents. Her willingness to listen to diverse perspectives and her proactive approach to addressing critical issues make her a true advocate for our community. I wholeheartedly endorse Sonia Ledo for state assembly and urge my fellow community members to join me in supporting her candidacy. — David Mladinich
Sales Manager / Mortgage Lending
I have known Sonia Ledo for over 50 years. Over the years, she has demonstrated a strong work ethic and morals that we need in the State Assembly. She is not a career politician and I believe that is what is needed now more than ever! We need to shake up the establishment with fresh new ideas and bring back some old ones we grew up on. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Sonia Ledo for State Assembly! Don't let her stature fool you. "She's tiny but mighty!" — Guillermo Alcaraz
Alameda County DA Inspector
Sonia is prepared to usher in change, embodying those with progressive ideas and a sincere mind. We could benefit from more individuals like her to shape a brighter tomorrow! — Karel Smid
President, Commander Moving
I endorse Sonia Ledo. She represents the values and policies that need to be brought back to public schools and society! She is honest, ethical, successful, and wants the best for all Californians. — Steve Marks
Public School Health and Physical Education Teacher
There is no question Sonia Ledo is the most qualified candidate. She is a very successful and highly motivated businesswoman who can think outside the box and get things done. She has my complete endorsement and is highly respected by my media peers.

— Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez
Author, Media Consultant, Professor
I endorse Sonia due to her belief in the drug court model for rehabilitation of criminally justice involved individuals. This model has been proven to reduce recidivism and improve the quality of life of those who participate and graduate the programs.

— Chris Carlson
Supervising Deputy District Attorney
Denise Rounsaville
Realtor (ret)
Bill Bermudez
U.S. Coast Guard; Martinez Resident
Julie Basque
CEO, Sketch Media Agency
Mary Perez
Martinez Resident
Scott Singley
Fund Raiser
Juan Escovedo Jr.
Music Artist / Musician
Bruce Peisson
Senior Accountant
Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez
Author, Media Consultant, Professor
Paul Graves
Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County
Anita Nuno
California State Division of Adult Parole Operations (Ret)
Zach Lupton
Program Manager Adult Services, Easter Seals Northern California
Thomas Murphy
Loan Consultant


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